Self Drafted: Rifle Paper Dress

This last year, I made a lot of health and life style changes. As a part of that, my body has changed quite a bit. In the winter, it was not a very big deal from a wardrobe stand point, but come summer the lack of sleeves made it very obvious things did not fit. It was a new Rifle Paper fabric to the rescue. I wanted something that was easy to wear for a back yard BBQ, as well as something nicer like a wedding or christening. After letting the fabric speak to me, I set about patterning and doing the first fitting. Even after all the years that I have been sewing, I still do multiple fittings. With some projects it only takes one fitting to check all is in place, but some take more than I can count.

The biggest challenge was the flounce. It is one piece, so I the wrap effect required exact patterning in the skirt.

I absolutely love the way that it turned out. I feel elegant and fun when wearing it.

Happy Sewing!

xoxo Kathryn

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