Welcome darlings, my name is Kathryn.

I am a sewing blogger, YouTuber, writer, patternmaker, mother, wife and lover of all things luxurious. I’m passionate about dressmaking and have a penchant for things that sparkle.

I learned to sew after one late night viewing of Romy and Michele High School Reunion. I thought, if they could do it, so could I. I quietly went to my Mom’s machine, took out her scrape bin and made a selection that I thought would be big enough for a skirt. I proceeded to cut two squares and a length of elastic. The skirt ended up being too short and too tight, therefore was never worn. But that night changed my life, I had caught the sewing fever.

I continued to sew throughout high school and college, making clothes for myself and for friends. After graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I established my career as a patternmaker and construction specialist. After all these years, I am still learning new things about this craft.

These are my adventures in sewing.